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In the past two years I have had the great opportunity to speak to groups both large and small about the Business of Books from selling, pitching a book, to writing. I have been part of the Penguin Random House EDU program where I served as instructor in the following courses: The Role of the Rep in the Modern World, and Pitching a Book with as few words as possible. I participated twice in a "Career Day" at a local high school where three sessions of 15 students each allowed me to speak on Publishing and on Writing. The writing sessions were passionate and energetic and very encouraging. I have been invited back.

I am very experienced in presentation and public speaking, both in one-on-one sessions and in large groups. As someone who has been active in the bookselling community at a high level and for some time, I am a knowledgeable resource in Sales, Marketing, Publishing as well as writing. Re; writing , I am experienced in readings, Q&A’s, and workshops. I have worked with students and seasoned veterans, corporate presidents to rookies with equal energy and enthusiam. I am available in the NYC/METRO area for events, but also for online discussions, or reading group phone-ins. 646 255 9465, or

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Contact Information; email; / phone# 646 255 9465